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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Grinding Technology

The division ”Grinding Technology“ focuses precision machining such as grinding, finishing, and abrasive blasting. The work covers research and development and, furthermore, consulting and service. The competences include face-, profile- and shape grinding as well as cylindrical grinding and tool grinding processes, also including preparation processes of cutting tools. The introduction of grinding processes for new materials and process combinations are constant challenges. Regarding this, the division “Grinding Technology” offers high-level machinery, equipment and competence to succeed in these tasks. Current research addresses the grinding of composite materials and unreinforced thermoplastics.

State-of-the-art measurement equipment is used to analyse and to optimise the grinding processes. This comprises topography analysis as well as the analysis of thermomechanical load. Changes of the surface layer can be detected by metallographic methods. The development of simulations based on commercial FEA tools and our own geometric-kinematical tools can provide further information about the processes and the results to expect from geometrically complex grinding processes. The work of the division “Grinding Technology” takes place in close cooperation with the other divisions of the ISF and our partners in industry and research.



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