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Atlas of Chips – Preview online

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Vorschau des Atlas der Späne - Abgebildet sind drei Beispielseiten aus dem Atlas © ISF

Under the constraints of what is possible and the requirements for efficiency and quality of the remaining residual, they are the direct result of our efforts.

To illustrate their diversity in shape and formation is the intention of the presented Atlas of Chips.

Our greatest thanks go to all the people and institutions involved. These include committed partners from industry and research who have provided inspiration, contributions, chips and chip images. I would like to thank the members of the Institute of Machining Technology at TU Dortmund University for their special engagement with regard to selected chips of their own research projects and for editing the contributions of our partners. My very special thanks go to Mr. Jonas Baumann for realizing this initiative and coordinating this exceptional document of our machining research.

Dirk Biermann


The atlas of chips is available for download in a compressed file: