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9. Dort­mun­der Schleifseminar

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Machining with geometrically undefined cutting edges usually represents the last machining step in the process chain for workpieces with highest requirements for dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Constantly increasing demands on component quality and the use of new types of materials open up new fields of research and also lead to process strategies in which grinding processes are not only used as final processes. In particular, fine and ultra-fine machining processes as well as new technologies such as additive manufacturing are the focus of many new developments in grinding technology. The exchange and transfer of knowledge and experience between industry and research can make a major contribution to the success of technological progress.

With the Dort­mund Grinding Seminar on September 29 and 30, 2021, the Institute of Machining Technology would like to offer the opportunity to bridge the gap between practice-oriented developments and scientific approaches. Exciting lectures with newest aspects from industry and research offer the opportunity to expand expertise, develop networks and gain insights into the cooperative work between industry and research. The two-day event is divided into different lecture blocks. A tour of the experimental halls and an evening event complete the conference and contribute to constructive discussions and the opportunity to foster contacts.